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Escape Loneliness, Embrace Togetherness
You don't have to live alone anymore.
We Provide Exceptional Personailzed Care and Comfort in Antalya
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're in good hands with our caring team and secure environment.
Peace of Mind
Customized Care
Our retirement home offers personalized care plans that are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each senior, ensuring that they receive the care they need in a way that suits them best.
Enhanced Quality of Life
Our retirement home provides a supportive and engaging environment that encourages seniors to pursue their passions and interests, fostering a sense of purpose and joy in their daily lives.
Don't Face Loneliness Alone
We believe you deserve the best life possible so we provide exceptional care for you.
Imagine long days with no one to talk to, where even simple things like cooking or watching TV feel heavy and lonely. Being by yourself for too long can make you feel sad and forgetful. Without friends or a caring community, it's like being stuck in a quiet, empty place, longing for someone to share life with but not knowing how to find them.
We understand the loneliness you may feel, but we've developed proven methods to help you overcome it and rediscover the joy of companionship.
Never Alone, Always Cared For: Discover the Perfect Environment for Your Well-Being in Our Retirement Community
We understand your struggles because our guests have been there themselves. Our senior guests have faced similar challenges and sought the same comforts you're looking for. That's why our mission is to provide compassionate care and support to seniors like you. We've walked alongside many individuals on their journey to healthier, happier lives, and we're here to do the same for you.
Our extensive experience in caring for seniors has taught us invaluable lessons about what it takes to live well in your golden years. From promoting healthier habits to creating environments filled with joy and companionship, we've seen firsthand the positive impact our services can have on longevity and well-being. Join our community, where our commitment to your health, happiness, and longevity is unwavering.
Suleyman Adar
Physical therapy instructor
We can’t wait to help you too.
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What Our Clients Can Expect From Us
Our team of dedicated caregivers is available round-the-clock, providing personalized assistance and support to ensure your loved ones receive the care they need, whenever they need it.
24/7 Personalized Care
Our experienced chefs prepare nutritious and tasty meals every day, catering to specific dietary requirements and preferences to keep your loved ones healthy and satisfied
Healthy and Delicious Meals
Our spacious and comfortable private rooms are designed to make your loved ones feel right at home, providing them with a peaceful and relaxing space to call their own.
Cozy Private Rooms
Vibrant social calendar fosters connections and a sense of belonging. Our packed schedule of engaging activities and events ensures that there's always something fun to do and new people to meet, promoting a lively community spirit and enriching your social life.
Engaging Activities
How You Will Begin Your Rich New Life
Book Your Free Consultation
Start your journey by scheduling a complimentary consultation with us.
Step 1:
Tour Our Facility -
See (Online or Offline) our comfortable accommodations, fun activities, and personalized care for your parents
Step 2:
Start a New Life - Smoothly transition your parents into a new life of comfort, care, and companionship
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Did you know...
(source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
"Don't Risk Your Loved One's Safety: 60% of Seniors Suffer Injuries from Falls at Home"
(source: National Council on Aging)
"Loneliness Kills: 43% of Seniors Suffer from Depression and Isolation Without Proper Care"
(source: AARP)
"Financial Burden: 65% of Families Face Financial Strain Without Affordable Senior Care Options"
"Increased Risk of Chronic Disease: 50% of Seniors Face Health Complications Due to Lack of Medical Supervision"
"Malnutrition: 35% of Seniors Experience Weight Loss and Malnourishment Without Nutritious Meals"
"Stress and Burnout: 40% of Caregivers Suffer from Burnout and Exhaustion Without Professional Support"
(source: National Institutes of Health)
(source: National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging)
(source: Family Caregiver Alliance)
We're waiting your parents
Our expert staff creates a customized care plan for each resident, ensuring they receive the specific care they need, leading to better health outcomes and increased happiness
Personalized Care
Comfortable Accommodations
Our spacious, comfortable rooms and common areas provide a welcoming atmosphere, allowing residents to feel at home and enjoy their retirement in peace
Fun Social Activities
Our diverse range of activities keeps residents engaged, active, and socially connected, leading to improved overall well-being and a happier retirement
Nutritious Dining Options
Our chef-prepared meals are made with fresh, healthy ingredients and cater to each resident's dietary needs, promoting better health and increased satisfaction
Safe and Secure Environment
Our retirement home is designed with safety in mind, providing peace of mind for both residents and their loved ones, ensuring their safety and well-being
Transportation Services
Our transportation services allow residents to easily access appointments and errands, leading to a more convenient and stress-free retiremen
Pet-Friendly Environment
Our pet-friendly environment allows residents to bring their furry companions, providing companionship and improving overall happiness and well-being
24/7 On-Site Medical Care
Our experienced medical team is available around the clock to provide immediate care and attention to residents, ensuring they receive the medical attention they require
On-Site Salon and Spa Services
Our on-site salon and spa services provide a luxurious experience for residents, promoting relaxation, beauty, and confidence
Housekeeping and Laundry Services
Our dedicated staff handles all housekeeping and laundry needs, freeing up time for residents to focus on what they enjoy, leading to a more enjoyable and relaxing retirement
The best conditions for living
Double bed
TV, WI-FI, telephone, air conditioning, bathrobe, towel, slippers, hairdryer, safe, tea and coffee, mini-bar, amenities in the room
Double bed
TV, WI-FI, telephone, air conditioning, bathrobe, towel, slippers, hairdryer, safe, tea and coffee, mini-bar, amenities in the room
Two bedroom suite
Double bed
TV, WI-FI, telephone, air conditioning, bathrobe, towel, slippers, hairdryer, safe, tea and coffee, mini-bar, amenities in the room
Studio couch
AYKA LIFE Care vs Other Countries
A country
/ month
1 900 €
3 750 €
/ month
United Kindom
4 150 €
/ month
5 400 €
/ month
3 600 €
/ month
3 500 €
/ month
Our pricing varies depending on the level of care required, but we believe that the benefits we provide are well worth the investment. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss pricing and payment options in more detail
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About us
We know firsthand the struggles of caring for aging parents, which is why we are so passionate about providing exceptional care to seniors in our community

Our experienced team are dedicated to ensuring that every resident receives the highest level of care, comfort, and support. From personalized care plans to engaging activities, we strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for our seniors

We take pride in the fact that we’ve been able to positively impact the lives of many seniors in our community. Our goal is to help our residents live healthier, happier, and longer lives. We invite you to schedule a tour and see for yourself why our retirement home is the perfect place for your loved ones

Book your free consultation today and let us help you ensure that your parents can live healthier, happier, and longer
Meet our team
Berk Işlek
Gödze Ünal
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist
Sinem Biber
physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist
Zeynep Okur
Cansu Merve Kurt
Fitness Trainer
Süleyman ADAR
Our licenses
Address: Duaci Mah. 9250 Sk. No: 1 Kepez, ANTALYA / TÜRKIYE