10 YEARS in 30 DAYS*
Transform Your Future: Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with our Longevity Programs in Antalya, Turkey!
10 YEARS in 30 DAYS*
Transform Your Future: Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with our Longevity Programs in Antalya, Turkey!
Begin Your Longevity Journey Today Just for €99!
What to Expect?
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Increased Energy Levels
    Our longevity programs can help you experience a significant boost in energy, allowing you to accomplish more and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
    Through our approach, you can improve cognitive function, sharpen focus, and enjoy better mental clarity, contributing to a more fulfilling and productive life.
  • Optimal Hormonal Balance
    Our programs aim to optimize hormonal health, helping you achieve a better balance and potentially reducing symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances
  • Restful Sleep
    By addressing underlying factors affecting sleep quality, our programs can assist in achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep, leading to improved overall well-being.
  • Weight Management
    Our holistic approach to longevity includes strategies for maintaining a healthy weight, supporting you in achieving and sustaining your desired body composition.
  • Stronger Immune System
    Functional medicine interventions can boost your immune system, reducing the likelihood of illness and promoting a stronger defense against infections and diseases.
  • Reduced Inflammation
    Chronic inflammation is associated with various health issues. Our programs focus on reducing inflammation, supporting overall wellness and longevity.
  • Balanced Mood and Emotional Well-being
    Through personalized interventions, our longevity programs address emotional well-being, helping you achieve a balanced mood and improved emotional resilience.
  • Healthy Heart Function
    By optimizing cardiovascular health through functional medicine, you can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain a strong, healthy heart.
  • Enhanced Longevity and Vitality
    Ultimately, our longevity programs aim to support healthy aging and promote a vibrant, fulfilling life, allowing you to enjoy enhanced longevity and vitality well into the future.
Who can benefit from our programs?
  • Busy Businesspeople
    Busy professionals who lead demanding lifestyles can benefit from longevity programs that help optimize their health, energy levels, and well-being. These programs can provide strategies to manage stress, improve sleep, and maintain peak performance.
  • Retirees and Seniors
    Retirees and seniors can enhance their quality of life and promote healthy aging through longevity programs. These programs may focus on maintaining cognitive function, supporting bone and joint health, and ensuring overall vitality during the golden years.
  • Health-Conscious Individuals
    Those who prioritize their health and well-being can benefit from longevity programs that offer evidence-based strategies to further optimize their physical and mental health.
  • Individuals with Chronicle Diseases
    Our longevity programs benefit individuals dealing with chronic conditions like pain, hair loss, IBS, constipation, and weight challenges. Experience personalized strategies to manage symptoms, improve well-being, and enhance your quality of life.
  • Wellness Seekers

    Individuals seeking a holistic approach to well-being, including mental and emotional health, can find value in longevity programs that emphasize mind-body harmony and personal growth.
  • Individuals with Specific Health Goals
    People with specific health goals, such as weight management, cardiovascular health, or improved immune function, can benefit from tailored longevity programs designed to address their unique needs.
Don't Leave Your Health to Chance
Don't leave your health to chance, as the consequences can be far-reaching. Imagine waking up every morning feeling fatigued, lacking the energy to pursue your passions or engage in activities you once enjoyed. Without proper support, you might find yourself vulnerable to premature aging, struggling with chronic ailments, and facing reduced quality of life.

We firmly believe that every individual should have the opportunity to lead a long, healthy, and vibrant life, allowing them to fully embrace and enjoy all the wonders and pleasures that life has to offer.
Secure Your Future: Invest Today for a Lifetime of Prosperity and Well-Being
We understand the challenges faced by successful professionals and offer a tailored solution to guide you towards a prosperous future.
Our experts specialize in assisting experienced individuals, leveraging their expertise to create a lasting legacy and navigate the complexities of planning. With our comprehensive approach, seize opportunities and ensure continued success in the next chapter of your life.

Together, let's build a solid foundation for the next chapter of your success.
12+8+32 WEEK (*)
Blood Analysis
Body Composition Analysis
Body Analysis
Full Check-up
Whole Body Scanning
Body Ultrasound Scanning
Genetic analysis
Md. Tolga Temel
Psychologist (if applicable)
Gerontologist (if applicable)
Functional Nutrition plan
Vitamin & Mineral plan
Detox plan
Exercises Plan
Hobby Plan
Daily Oxygen Therapy
Daily Light Therapy
Daily Sauna
Detox Massage
Aqua Therapy
Ozon Therapy
Bioenergy Massage (FOHOW)
IV Therapies
Mitochondrial Therapy
Thermal Therapy
Daily Biking
Daily Forest Walks
Daily Cardio Trainings
Daily Strength
Pilates Sessions
Yoga Sessions
Pool Exercises
Daily Meditation Sessions
Various Activities
Antalya Trips
Intercity Trips
Top 4 Reasons to Choose Us
  • -1-
    Personalized Roadmap
    Tailored Guidance for Your Future
    Our program provides a personalized roadmap that takes into account your unique circumstances and aspirations, ensuring that you receive individualized guidance for a successful and fulfilling future.
  • -2-
    Expert Team
    Experience and Knowledge at Your Service
    Our team of experts brings years of experience and extensive knowledge to the table, providing you with the support and advice needed to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

  • -3-
    Continued Success
    Embrace New Opportunities
    By leveraging your skills and accomplishments, we enable you to embrace new opportunities and continue to achieve success well into your next chapter of life.

  • -4-
    Fulfillment and Purpose
    Find Meaning in Every Moment
    Our program helps you identify your passions and align your actions with your purpose, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment and meaning in every aspect of your life.
How Will You Begin Your Longevity Journey?
Schedule a Free Consultation
During this session with our experts, we'll discuss your goals, address any concerns, and provide an overview of our longevity program and organize your analysis procedure in your home or workplace comfort.
Consultation with Our Doctor
After getting the results, our doctor will assess your needs and give a brief plan.
Personalized Plan in Ayka Life
After your arrival, based on the assessment results, our team will create a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. This plan may include medical interventions, lifestyle modifications, nutritional guidance, exercise routines, and stress management strategies.
Start Your Longevity Journey
With your personalized plan in hand, you're ready to embark on your longevity journey. Our team will guide and support you every step of the way, providing the resources, expertise, and encouragement needed to optimize your health, well-being, and longevity.
Our Guest Will Get
Personalized Roadmap
Receive a customized roadmap tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations. Our personalized guidance ensures you have a clear direction, empowering you to make confident decisions and embark on a successful and fulfilling future.

Expert Team
Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch support and advice, guiding you towards informed decisions and helping you achieve your goals with confidence.

Legacy Building
Leverage your expertise and accomplishments to build a lasting legacy. Our program helps you create a positive impact that will endure for generations to come, ensuring your contributions and achievements leave a meaningful and lasting mark on the world.
Continued Success
Embrace new opportunities for success by leveraging your skills and achievements. Our program helps you capitalize on your experience and expertise, enabling you to continue your trajectory of success and fulfillment as you venture into exciting new chapters of your life.
Fulfillment and Purpose
Find deep fulfillment and purpose in every moment of your life. Our program empowers you to discover your passions, align your actions with your purpose, and live a truly fulfilling life. Experience a profound sense of meaning and satisfaction as you navigate your personal and professional endeavors.

Transition Support
Seamlessly navigate major life transitions with our comprehensive support. Our program provides the guidance and resources you need to confidently navigate periods of change, ensuring a smooth transition into new phases of your life with clarity, resilience, and confidence.
Lifestyle Enhancement
Enhance your lifestyle and elevate your overall well-being. Our program helps you identify areas for improvement and implement positive changes aligned with your goals. Experience a higher quality of life, greater satisfaction, and increased overall well-being.
Peace of Mind
Embrace a future filled with peace of mind, knowing that your financial well-being is secure. Our program helps alleviate financial worries and uncertainties, enabling you to focus on personal growth, happiness, and a thriving future with confidence and assurance.
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Begin Your Longevity Journey Today Just for €99!